Friday, September 4, 2009

Posting new question

On the main panel, tap the middle button. A form for writing new question will open.

At the top of this form there is a smaller text entry field in which you can enter a short form of your question (max 100 characters). This field is mandatory as it is the one that appears in the questions list. 
Optionally you may provide up to 1000 characters long description in the bigger text entry field.
If you like to add am image attachment to your question you should tap on the gallery button. The Android's gallery would be opened from where you can choose the image to be attached. To remove an image attachment open the gallery again and return by pressing the BACK button.
If your question is related to some specific location (e.g. you ask for the name of some museum), beside the image you may want to provide a location attachment. When you click on the location attachment button a map would be shown. You can reposition the map pin by touching the map. If you want to remove the location attachment select the 'Clear' option from the map's menu.                 

If you set an expiration date the question will not be shown after this date except if you explicitly search for it from the search module. Similarly if you set an location availability of the question the question will be shown only to users from that location (either their city/country location in preferences or their current location match the restriction).

The tags and the anonymous button are enough self-explanatory.

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  1. any interest in porting to blackberry, or all platforms