Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Main screen

The main screen is the cockpit from where you can access and organize all the informations.
On the bottom there is a panel with five buttons on it. Each of these buttons activates a separate module that organize data from a different point of interest. Additionally you can change the content of each module by choosing the appropriate content, sort and/or filter from the main menu.

This is the first module (left-most button on the panel).
When this module is active you can choose to show your questions, answers or favorite tags.
When the application is started for the first time you are brought to this module, showing you one favorite tag - 'A-GLOBAL-MIND'. This is the tag where we (the authors :)) can post informations related to the application itself (e.g. link to this tutorial)

This is the second module. From the  menu you can choose the period, and the criteria by which the questions should be ordered.

There will be a separate post on this later ;)

In the fourth module you can switch between questions with different answer status. Unanswered questions are questions that have no answer, undecided are the one that have answers but none of them has positive rating, and the answered questions are the one that have at least one question with a positive rating.
This way you can easily find what you need, either you want to explore and learn, or you want to be the smart guy answering the questions.

This is the last module from the main screen, where you can either search for tags or questions.
Due to the server limitations (hey the app is free after all :)) you can only search whole words, and a word have to be at least three characters long.

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